Yamaha AB 12 .012 Normal Light Brass Wound Guitar Strings

Brand: Yamaha
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A direct upgrade to the Yamaha strings

Yamaha AB 12 .012 Normal Light Brass Wound Guitar Strings

The Yamaha AB 12 .012 Normal Light Bass Strings deliver a serious punch. The standout feature, however, is their bright sound. This is a direct upgrade to the Yamaha FG700 bass-guitar strings, these heavy-duty guys are crafted using innovative string technology that packs significant sound into less space. Compare them with any 12-string set, and you'll be amazed by their full, powerful tone

Great tone and widely

The AB12 Normal Light is an upgrade to the popular FG700 series. Yamaha has retained the features that made this one of their most popular and widely used acoustic guitar strings ever: a direct upgrade for all guitarists who want a great tone and prefer a light gauge. Great for every genre, no matter your style or mood, you can't go wrong with this set of strings. The Yamaha AG012 acoustic guitar strings are known for their great tone and playability. Violin players in particular like the clear and bright tone when they switch to these strings. Among players of all levels, the Yamaha has a reputation as being one of the best strings you can buy.

Simple Tuning

When using these strings, tuning is a snap; you won't have to battle to get the strings in tune, and you'll be able to be confident that the tuning will be stable. Maintains its pitch for an extended length of time.

Full, Brightly Joyful Tone

This guitar string combination delivers clear, bright tones with powerful resonance and timbre. Designed for experienced players but also suitable for beginning and junior players who seek to enhance their guitar abilities with a high-performance product.

Strong & Break Resistant 

These strings have tensile and static strength that resists string breaks during stringing and playing. Thin and soft to play but strong, durable, and long-lasting.


Brand: Yamaha

SKU: NOF005652

Model: AB12

What's in the box

1x Set of Guitar Strings

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Yamaha AB 12 .012 Normal Light Brass Wound Guitar Strings

Yamaha AB 12 .012 Normal Light Brass Wound Guitar Strings