Microphone Stands

It is the venerable microphone stand that is the unsung workhorse in the world of audio recording, literally holding everything together. Investing in a good microphone stand is a wise investment.

When it comes to choosing a microphone stand, it all comes down to deciding what kind of sound source you want to record. It is true that clips and shockmounts can be swapped out to accommodate different microphones, but take some time to consider which microphones you are most likely to prefer. To accommodate a larger microphone, a more robust stand, along with a more substantial boom counterweight, is recommended. Nobody wants to be the one who accidentally knocks over the studio's prized vintage microphone and into the drum set.

With regard to drums, there are some excellent microphone stands that are designed specifically for positioning microphones high, low, and in the nooks and crannies of the stage. If you've ever tried to position drum overheads by using regular stage stands that were stretched to their physical limits, you know how wonderful it is to have a set of tall, rolling overhead stands with long counterweighted booms at your fingertips. With regard to being able to achieve the desired sound, it is a night and day difference. It is also far more protective of your microphones (and, more importantly, of your drummer's head).

The short kick drum stand is another essential piece of equipment that is extremely versatile. They are excellent for positioning kick mics, but they are also excellent for positioning guitar and bass amps, cellos, acoustic guitars, and even vocals in a variety of applications. We did say vocals, after all. When recording a lead vocal in the control room of a recording studio, it's pretty standard practice. Space in the control room is frequently limited, so a sturdy short mic stand that can be placed on a desk top works well. They are also extremely useful for a variety of other drum kit applications, such as miking the bottom snare head.

A lot of times, it all comes down to how much you have. Short microphone stands are always a good idea to have on hand. The unexpected and downright bizarre instruments that walk through the studio door are always a thrill to discover! A good supply of standard vocal mic stands is always beneficial to have on hand, and this is especially true for vocalists. Because of this, our multi-stand bundles are extremely competitively priced. On any budget, you can pick up a few basic microphone stands. We also have bundles that come with extra features like telescopic booms, heavy-duty clutches, and even 20-foot XLR cables.

In the event that you have any questions about selecting the appropriate microphone stand for specific applications or to suit a specific type of microphone, we are more than happy to assist you. Our Sales Representatives are well-versed in the use and placement of microphones in a variety of situations. Nofeka Uganda will assist you in obtaining the specific items you require.