Acoustic Drums Sets

Nothing stirs the soul like the pulsing rhythm of an acoustic drum, whether it be on the bandstand or the battlefield. Nofeka Uganda is the place to buy your next set of drums, from snare drums to complete kits, not only because we carry the hottest drum brands and guarantee the lowest prices online, but also because our staff of drummers is dedicated to assisting you in finding the appropriate equipment for the sound you're going for.

Just get in touch with one of our sales representatives. Nofeka Uganda shares your love of talking drums. We'll assist in pointing you in the right direction.

The two main types of acoustic drum sets offered by Nofeka are shell packs, which consist solely of shells and heads (with or without a snare drum), and full kits, which also contain stands, additional hardware, and occasionally cymbals. If you already have reliable cymbals and hardware, a shell pack is an excellent option to replace your drums without throwing away your old equipment.

A performance or marching group would not be complete without a snare drum. Making sure your snare inspires your greatest performances will therefore pay off. Want to tone up your body fat? The way to proceed is with deep, broad shells. Consider going small for something sharp and swift.

The add-on drums from Nofeka are a fantastic choice if you already have an acoustic drum set and just want to expand it. More toms are required. Another kick drum? We have drums from all the top manufacturers, like Yamaha, Premier, EV, Tama, and more, to match your drum set. Our add-on drum packs are an affordable way to gradually build your kit.