Prohibited Products


Customers know that they can always rely on Nofeka Uganda to deliver on their promise of quality service and products. All products offered for sale on Nofeka must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as Nofeka's policies. The illegal, unsafe, or restricted products listed on this page, as well as those that are only available by prescription, are prohibited from being sold.

If you plan to list a product on Nofeka, you should carefully review the Restricted Products page. If you have any concerns or questions about the laws and regulations that apply to your products, we recommend that you speak with an attorney.

Any violation of the law or any of Nofeka's policies, including those on the Restricted Products pages, will result in immediate suspension or termination of selling privileges, destroying inventory in our fulfillment centers without reimbursement, returning inventory, ending the business relationship, and permanent withholding of payments. We will take corrective actions as appropriate. Civil and criminal penalties can also be imposed for the sale of illegal or unsafe products.

Every day, we work with regulators, third party experts, vendors, and sellers to improve our detection and prevention methods for illegal and unsafe products in our market. Nofeka encourages you to contact us via to report listings that violate our policies or applicable law. The information you provide will be thoroughly investigated, and we will take appropriate action based on the results.

A comprehensive list of prohibited products by UNBS
Maxi Claire beauty cream Rapid White Caro Light
Carro 7 Djarabi Clairmen
Skin light Caro Liss Citro Light
Top clair plus L’abidjanaise Mekako
Bio 21 Jours Cocoderm Rico
Maxi light Pure White Princess
C & G Extra Toning Butone
Carotone Sivo Clair Extra Cream
Yes To Rejuvenating Cream Mic
Touch and Clear Caro skin Viva Super Lemon
Ultra Skin Tone Ikb Medicated Cream Princess Patra Luxury
Cream Fade - Out Crusader Skin Toning Cream
Envi Skin Toner Palmer`s Skin Success (pack) Tura Bright & Even Cream
Zarina Medicated Skin Lightener Fair & white Active Lightening Claire Cream
Ambi Special Complexion Fair & White Whitening Miki Beauty Cream
Lolane Cream Fair & White Strong Bleaching Treatment Cream Peau Claire Crème Eclaircissante
Glotone Complexion Cream Fair & white Body Clearing milk Clear Essence Skin Beautifying Milk
Nindola Cream Maxi – Tone fade Tura Skin Toning Cream
Tonight Night Beauty Cream Nadinola Fade Madonna Medicated Beauty
Fulani Cream Eclaircissante Clear Essence Medicated fade Mrembo Medicated Beauty Cream
Clere Lemon Cream Ultra Skin Tone Shirley Cream
Clere Extra Cream Fade - Out Kiss – Medicated Beauty Cream
Binti Jambo Cream Palmer`s Skin Success (pack) UNO21 Cream
Malaika Medicated Beauty Cream Fair & white Active Lightening Crusader Ultra Brand Cream
Dear Heart with Hydroquinone Cream Fair & White Whitening Ultime Skin Lightening Cream
Nish Medicated Cream Fair & White Strong Bleaching Treatment Cream Rico Skin Tone Cream
Island Beauty Skin Fade Cream Fair & white Body Clearing milk Baraka Skin Lightening Cream
Malibu Medicated Cream Maxi – Tone fade Fairlady Skin Lightening Cream
A3 Tripple action Cream Pearl Light Nadinola Fade Immediat Claire Lightening Body Cream
Elegance Skin Lightening Cream Elegance Skin Lightening Cream Symba crème Skin Lite ‘N’ Smooth
Mr. Clere Cream Cleartone Skin Toning Cream No Mark Cream
Clear Touch Cream Ambi Extra Complexion Cream for men Crusader Ultra Brand Cream
Cleartone Extra Skin Toning Cream Ultime Skin Lightening Cream O`Nyi Skin Crème 98. Rico Skin Tone Cream
Tamarin Camee Extra Clair lightening Body
Lotion Yes To White Express
Precieux Treatment Beauty Lotion Jaribu Skin Lightening Lotion Clear Touch Lotion
Super Max –Tone Lotion Caroderm Shiny
Amira Skin Lightening lotion L’abidjanaise Meti’cee
Cleartouch Complexion Lotion Djarabi Beauty oil Abana
A3 Lemon Skin Lightening Lotion Caro Top lotion Reine Clair Rico Super Body
Precieux Treatment Beauty Lotion Top lemon Immediate Claire Maxi – Beauty
Amira Skin Lightening lotion Bio liss Tura Lotion
A3 Cleartouch Complexion Lotion Maxi Claire Sivoclair lightening Body Lotion
Kiss Lotion Princess Lotion Jaribu Skin Lightening Lotion
Uniderm Body Clear Medicated Antiseptic Soap Topi Clear Beauty Complexion Soap
Topi Clear Beauty Complexion Soap Djarabi Blackstar
Ultra Clear Skin light Cherie Claire Body Beauty Lightening
Topi Clear Beauty & Treating Soap Complexion Soap Lady Claire M.G.C Extra Clear
Maxi Claire Shiny Beauty cream Top Claire Plus
Tamarin Charms Caro derm
Skin Light Carro 7 L’abidjainaise
Rapid Clair Beauty Lotion Shinny Djarabi
Yes To Bio 21 jours Bio liss
Yes To lotion Caro Top lotion Maxi Claire
New Shirley Medicated Top lemon Pimplex
Medicated Top Claire Plus UnidermSoap
Djarabi Soap Jaribu Soap Skin Light Soap
Super Family Binti Jambo Soap Baby and Maman Soap
Movate Soap Amira Soap La Bamakoise Savon Tamarin Soap
Miki Soap Mekako Soap Rico Soap
Tura Soap Jaribu Soap Acura Soap
Fair Lady Elegance