Baritone Horns

Wide range of Baritone Horns

Are you a musician and you're in need of a baritone horn? Have you searched the internet and found yourself unsure of where to purchase your instrument? There are several websites that sell instruments, but they may not always have what you are looking for. They might not even be reliable. But here at Nofeka, We guarantee quality service at affordable prices!

Our baritone horns will do the trick! Featuring an extended range along with our unique sound projection technology, these instruments allow you to reach notes far lower than a traditional trumpet, making them ideal for any solo.

Bigger, sturdier and more responsive than ever, Our new Baritone Horn model makes a compelling choice for beginner and intermediate players who are eager to step up into a big-voiced instrument that's still friendly to take home, care for and carry in a coat pocket.

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