Microphone Shockmounts

Certainly one of the most visually appealing items in the studio, the shockmount is a work of art. Those bands isolate the microphone from the stand, preventing your ultra sensitive condenser and ribbon microphones from picking up vibrations from the floor below them. The importance of shockmounts cannot be overstated by anyone who has ever set up a recording studio in a warehouse in an industrial zone.

It is unfortunate that shockmounts frequently fail or disappear. It's just the way life is. We, on the other hand, have your back. A wide range of the most popular microphones are supported by replacement mounts that are an exact match. Is there anything you can use to mount your prized odd duck that you picked up at the flea market but didn't know what to do with? There's nothing to be concerned about! Universal microphone mounts are available in a variety of high-quality designs that are compatible with the vast majority of microphones. To be safe, purchase a spare or two because our universal mounts can be used in an emergency when the one that came with your microphone is damaged during the setup of your recording session.

Our extensive selection of aftermarket mounts and replacement parts is complemented by a number of attractive package offers. In addition to the mount, you might as well take advantage of a fantastic deal on a bundle that includes a tripod stand and a high-quality XLR cable. Alternatively, you can kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a shockmount that includes a pop filter!

It appears that microphone manufacturers are constantly updating their model numbers to include new variations and additional designations. Even if you are fairly certain which one you require but your microphone model is slightly different from the ones listed, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Our incredible Sales Representatives will be able to take your exact model number and provide you with a definitive answer as to which shockmount is required. Contact us today to learn more. It's never a bad idea to double check!