Studio Computers

If you frequently use a computer to make music, audio computers are great. An audio or music computer is specifically intended to deliver the best audio performance possible. Our audio PCs are designed for this purpose and are available in desktop or laptop configurations.

Unless you're from the stone age, you undoubtedly do at least some of your music production "in-the-box," that is, on a computer. However, any old computer won't suffice; for the greatest results, you'll need a system with the necessary specs. We've spent numerous hours at Nofeka Uganda investigating CPUs, RAM, hard disks, and other components. We understand which computer is most appropriate for your needs. We know the software inside and out, as well as the peripherals you'll require to complete the task. Nofeka Uganda has you covered if you're interested in computer audio.

Is it better to use a Mac or a PC? Is it better to use a hard disk or a solid-state drive? How much space do you require? Giga-what? Don't believe anything the person at the computer store says; he may understand computers, but he's probably not an expert on computer audio. When it comes to recording music, a computer designed for gaming or office tasks may fall short. We have a large number of audio-optimized machines at Nofeka Uganda. We'll match you with the PC that best suits your needs and budget, no matter what audio circumstance you're in.

So, you've acquired yourself a monster of a computer. That's fantastic! But it won't help you much unless you have the correct software. We have everything you need, whether it's recording software, effects plug-ins, or virtual instruments. We have every major audio software on hand at Nofeka, and we have the knowledge and experience to match you with the right one. And don't worry if you're having difficulties getting your new software up and running; our award-winning tech support team is ready to assist you!

Using a mouse and keyboard to point and click isn't always the most effective method. A control surface comes in handy at this point. We have mixer-style surfaces with faders and transport controls if you require one. Keyboard controllers in the style of a piano? We also have those. Our large assortment of pad-style MIDI controllers will appeal to DJs.

Internal and external hard drives, Bluetooth speakers, and other computer peripherals are all available at Nofeka Uganda. Whatever your requirements, our experienced Sales Engineers will assist you in selecting the best equipment for your studio.