E-1st Acoustic Guitar Steel High E Strings

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Guitar Steal Steel Strings

Grab a pack of D'Addario strings to bring out the best of your guitar. They are made from high-quality steel and are wrapped in nickel coating for quick development, durability, and better tuning. These strings are Acoustic Guitar Steel strings that have an amalgamation of silk and steel cables for sturdy construction, making them ideal for professional or home use. They come with a thick high E string that sustains sound at the highest frequency and protectively covers the lonesome notes with ease. The other four strings have a thickness to provide you with optimal sound

Hexagonal cores

String Company E-1st Acoustic Guitar High E String is of the best quality on the market. Uniquely patented, 100% stainless steel Strings, specially purified and processed, machine wound on hexagonal cores by automated winding machines with the latest technology adopted. The strings have a workable taper structure and have enhanced elasticity. The feel is balanced and lively and highly flexible for strong sounds.

Nofeka Uganda Market

Your search ends here. After a long time, you have thought of acquiring your very own guitar strings which are within an affordable price in the market, and at Nofeka Uganda Market we give you that. With strings that last for long, your Guitar will be up and running for a long. So all you need to do is just walk down to our shop and we shall give you what you ask for, within the shortest period of time possible.

Nickel and Wrapped

Get your desired tone with all the quality that only E-1st can offer. Stainless steel high E string coated with nickel and wrapped at an affordable price. The winding at the beginning of the string is a notable feature, which helps in reducing unwanted fret buzzing.

These strings are made of high-grade stainless steel, with a coating of nickel, which is corrosion-resistant. Strings for acoustic guitars, popular for people seeking a bright and clear tone.

High-quality steal

You never need to worry about the rust or oxidation cladding on the 1st String. Seriously, we've tested these strings in all weather conditions and the corrosion just doesn't take place. Pretty impressive, huh? Yes, you heard it right. We've put these strings through all weather conditions and they still look much better than the usual strings you get in the market. Buy acoustic guitar strings in Uganda, Buy Nofeka steel-stringed guitar strings in Kampala, shop on Nofeka. The E-1st string was designed to be the replacement for the traditional E-string. It is made from stainless steel and has a nickel coating that makes it resistant to sweat and various kinds of damage. This high-quality steel string will give you freedom from your old plastic string and make your guitar last longer.

Long-lasting performance

Play the guitar with confidence and comfort with these E-1st Acoustic Guitar Steel High E Strings. The E-1st strings do not rust or suffer from corrosion and have an individual wrapping to avoid any oxidation. With great sound quality, the strings are available in different sizes and gauges, at affordable prices on Nofeka.com. E-1st Acoustic Guitar Steel High E Strings are made of the highest quality stainless steel, nickel-plated, which is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Strings are highly durable and offer longer life and greater durability than other conventional strings. The steel core gives string superb tension stability whilst still allowing quick tuning. These strings are hand-wound for a noticeably warmer tone and coated for long-lasting performance.

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E-1st Acoustic Guitar Steel High E Strings

E-1st Acoustic Guitar Steel High E Strings