Outdoors and indoors

From the first-ever 30 Watt Megaphone from Nofeka, comes 360-Watt portable sound systems with an SD memory card reader and MP3 digital audio file projection. Our amazing mobile sound system is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. The form fits snuggly into your palm for easy carrying around and its built-in rechargeable lithium battery is powerful enough to give out a clear and loud sound.

Order in Kampala

The megaphone is an ideal tool for self-expression. The MEGAPHONE KAMPALA is fashionable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and touch. Moreover, it provides versatile audio projection with 30 Watts of max power output. Use it for personal expression and share your thoughts with the world, or play your favorite tunes to entertain your friends or be a DJ at parties! With its versatile range of functions and convenient size, the MEGAPHONE KAMPALA is designed for real people.

At Affordable price

Nofeka is an online store providing you with the best quality and affordable audio equipments in the market. The Megaphones are not just a blast from your past; they're also a means of sharing your favorite music (MP3, WMA, WAV) files with others. For your convenience, the Megaphones have an SD memory card reader which enables you to share MP3 songs directly from stereo MC Cards: simply insert the card into the reader to send the files to the speakers - it's that simple.