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Do you work from home? Do you own a small business? Is your office housed in a small space? We at Nofeka understand the challenges of working from the comfort of your home or operating small spaces. We have a wide range of office furniture that are designed to cater for all these conditions. We have desks and tables, chairs, cabinets and filing systems, counter tops and other facilities needed to design your office efficiently. All our products are sourced directly from manufacturers within the country which means that we do not involve middlemen or other third parties to sell our products. Here is what we specialize in: -Office desks -Office tables -Office chairs -Cabinets -Filing systems -Countertops -Restaurant Furniture

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You will get all your desired things at our Online Store. We have a broad collection of electronics, home appliances and groceries at the best price. Here you will find everything you may need: Software, apparels, food, drinks and other commodities. The store is user-friendly, it allows you to peruse through what we have to offer and buy whatever you want at an affordable price and we deliver to your doorsteps.