Blue Drip Birthday Cake
Blue Drip Birthday Cake Gift your loved one with this Blue Drip Birthday Cake, it will highlight their...
Sponge Bob Birthday Cake
Ush 105,000Ush 95,000
Sponge Bob Birthday Cake Cartoons hold a special place in the heart of kids. They are quite fascinated...
Classic Birthday Cake
Ush 120,000Ush 110,000
Looking for a delicious birthday cake for him? Order cakes online from Nofeka Uganda Like women, men also...
Baby Car Birthday Cake
Ush 135,000Ush 128,000
Birthday Cake for One-Year-Old Babies: It's a pretty exciting feeling when your baby makes one year. This birthday...
Drip Birthday Cake
Ush 140,000Ush 133,000
Drip Birthday Cake We, at Nofeka Uganda, have a collection of delicious cakes online that can make birthdays...
Baby Boy's Birthday Cake
Treat important men in your life with a sumptuous Birthday Cake from Nofeka Uganda Our assortment of birthday...
Children's Birthday Cake
Ush 140,000Ush 133,000
Delight your Child in an Amazing way with this mouth-watering Cartoon Cake The beautiful smile of a child...
Plus one Birthday Cake
Ush 260,000Ush 250,000
Plus one Birthday Cake available in multiple flavors - order now The best part of ordering a happy...
Pawpatrol Birthday Cake
Ush 275,000Ush 268,000
Paw Patrol Birthday Cake If you feel that it is hard to steal time from your busy work...
Black Panther Birthday Cake
Black Panther Birthday Cake Are you the one who is the Rockstar at every party? Always smiling, shaking...
Blue Daddy Birthday Cake
Blue Daddy Birthday Cake Special birthdays are made for Daddy to honor them on their special and important...
Soccer Ball Birthday Cake
Soccer Ball Birthday Cake Football cakes are a great favorite among ardent lovers of the game. For his...
Online Delivery of The Best Quality Red Velvet Cakes It’s time to add a little bit of drama...
Soccer ball Birthday Cake; Buy the best birthday cake for your brother Those days are simply long gone...
Smiley Emoji Birthday Cake This is the time to drool over this delicious tempting cake, and the taste...
Birthday Cake for 3 year old
Wish a Sizzling 3rd birthday with this lovely 3rd Birthday Cake Your child is the apple of your...
@ Birthday Cake
Ush 155,000Ush 148,000
Buy number cakes online at best prices only at Nofeka Uganda "7thBirthday? 7thAnniversary? This cake has it all...
Ush 95,000 Ush 88,000
Ush 105,000 Ush 95,000
Ush 120,000 Ush 110,000
Ush 135,000 Ush 128,000
Ush 140,000 Ush 133,000
Ush 140,000 Ush 133,000
Ush 140,000 Ush 133,000
Ush 260,000 Ush 250,000
Ush 275,000 Ush 268,000
Ush 275,000 Ush 268,000
Ush 135,000 Ush 85,000
Ush 95,000 Ush 85,000
Ush 90,000
Ush 95,000
Ush 130,000
Ush 145,000 Ush 135,000
Ush 155,000 Ush 148,000

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