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Sweety Fit Pantz Medium (12x24pcs)

Sweety Fit Pantz Medium (12x24pcs) are marked to easily tell front and backside, a line that changes color when they are dirty and a little extra pocket, so poop doesn’t escape. They also have easy-to-stick Velcro that isn’t too scratchy. Add to that the brand's gentle-absorb liner and the fact that they're fragrance- and latex-free, not forgetting the amazing cartoon designs and you have a clear favorite.


Important Points

  • High Absorbency. Sweety Fit Pantz Medium (12x24pcs) diapers keep wetness away from your baby’s skin, helping to protect against irritation, rashes, and chafing.
  • Softness and Stretch. Sweety Fit Pantz Medium (12x24pcs) diaper’s soft surface gently protects your baby's delicate skin, and stretchy sides allow you to comfortably adjust the diaper to your baby's unique shape for a custom fit.
  • Perfect fit design and comfort all day long, ultra-soft stretchable waistband material prevents baby's skin from red painful markings
  • Wider backside to cover the baby's bottom for more comfort
  • 360 degrees of leak guard protection to reduce leakage around the diaper so that our child can enjoy his playful activity in any position
  • Liquid lock system allows the surface to dry faster and stay dry longer for baby's comfort and hygiene
  • The wetness indicator tells you it is time to change the diaper.

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