Yamaha HS8 8 inch Active Studio Monitor - Black

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The Yamaha HS8 Delivers Accurate and Precise Playback and Monitoring

The Yamaha HS8 studio monitors are known for their accurate representation of the recorded sound. Preceded by the renowned Yamaha NS10 passive studio speakers which were used widely in the 70s and beyond, the HS8 monitors are active which means they have an inbuilt amplifier. This not only saves you studio space but also relieves you from the task of buying a separate amplifier for the studio speakers.


The Yamaha HS8 Studio monitors help you make the right decisions about your music and sound while mixing and mastering. 

Speaker Drivers:

The speakers are fitted with an 8 inch low frequency driver which ensures that your low-end mixing decisions are precise and accurate. They are also fitted with a 1-inch high-frequency driver for cristal clear highs. 

Power and Amplification: 

The Yamaha HS8 speakers have a total power of 120W, with 75W for the Woofer or Low-frequency driver and 45W for the tweeter or high-frequency driver. This is just enough for the amplification you would desire in your recording studio.

Yamaha HS8 8 inch Active Studio Monitor - Black