Picfare Color Pencil Big 20grm | 12Pcs - 1 Box

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Picfare Color Pencil at Best Price

Brighter Picfare Color Pencil made from high-quality materials color core bonded and embedded in superior wood which is easy to sharpen. The bright and easy transfer makes the art come alive. 

Includes 12 different Bright Colours that fuel your child’s imagination and creativity

Non-Toxic play safe materials used, compliant 

Break Resistant body, perfectly protecting the lead within for worry-free usage in writing, drawing, and coloring.

Attractive adventure-themed pack, ideal for gifting to all kids

Let your child explore the world of colors and open up his/her imagination with a pack of Picfare Color Pencil big 40grm | 12Pcs - 1 BOX! It’s 12 amazing shades will keep the little one occupied with a mindful activity like coloring for a long time. And to be extra safe around children, the entire color range is toxic-free!

Key Feature

  • 12 different Bright colors
  • Quality Box
  • Wooden Covering
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Brand: Picfare
  • Material: Wood

Make your Art drawing interesting by adding color to your designs with these picfare Color Pencils. These picfare color pencils fuel your imaginations by making them eye-catching

Picfare Color Pencil Big 20grm | 12Pcs - 1 Box