Multi function salad chopper

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Multi-function salad chopper

Multi-function salad chopper is a multi-functional and diverse creative design kitchen tool. Different replaceable accessories for cutting your vegetables in different styles as your needs. and it is easily set up, taken apart, and cleaned compared to larger food processors.12 in One Versatility: The vegetable slicer contains 8 replaceable blades, through which you can cut into the shape you want. 

Convenient Design
It doesn’t matter that you can not handle the knives skillfully. This multi-function salad chopper can create all shapes of veggies and fruits you want. Its easy operation enables higher efficiency in chopping vegetables and fruits.

Safe Operation
Different from the traditional push-type cutter, its safety holder comprehensively protect your fingers from cuts!

Say Goodbye to Messy
After being cut to specific shapes, vegetables and fruits will fall off the container, avoiding the cutting board’s messy and making a tidy kitchen.

Strong product structure, smooth container surface, and sharp stainless steel blades give you the most comfortable using experience.

Package includes:

Grip Lid, Dental Plate

Blade Insert Holder, Blade Insert Panel

Blade (Large Cubes, Medium Cubes, Small Cubes, Slicer Cubes)

Grater, large, Small, Slicer, Dicer

Handle, Safety Holder Device

Transparent Container, Lid

Cleaning Claw, Cleaning Brush

Multi function salad chopper