Manual Hand Juicer

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Affordable Low Price Manual Hand Juicer:

Juicing has become very popular. Some people juice a variety of fruits, vegetables, and greens daily. While Electric juicers are stronger, faster, and better for those who often juice large amounts the heat they produce during operation can destruct nutrients. people prefer healthier juice and in smaller quantities, either for drinking or cooking use Manual juicers in those circumstances.

This Manual Hand Juicer is a healthy juicer. It’s a multipurpose juicer that works well with kale, spinach, or any other leafy green. It will also work on harder fruits and vegetables like apples or carrots.

The Manual Hand Juicer is made of durable plastic to ensure that it’ll last you quite a while if you use it as directed. It’s effortless to put together. It doesn’t require the use of any tools; your fingers work fine.  It assembles and comes apart easily.

This Manual hand juicer extracts up to 90% of the juice from your fruits and preserves the nutrients which makes a perfect item to keep in your kitchen for daily juicing.

Manual Hand Juicer