Brand: Hisense

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Ush 1,920,000 Ush 2,200,000 1,920,000.00

Hisense 50 Inch Smart Ultra High Definition TV with Smart 4K

The Hisense 50 is the most advanced TV in its price class providing a picture with richer colors, more detail, better brightness, and smoother motion. This combination works intuitively and continually to create back-light control, and high picture quality enhancing and tuning commands to boost color, contrast, brightness and motion.


It is also endowed with  HDMI and USB ports and well as a vast array of external ports.

The HDMI port offers connectivity to support external devices like Laptops/PCs, gaming consoles and much more.

The in-built Wi-Fi allows easy streaming of online content.

The USB ports allow easy connection of compatible external devices, and can also be used to charge your smart phone.

Sit back and enjoy the ideal viewing experience.


  • Smart 4K UHD TV.
  • YouTube, Netflix, etc.
  • VIDAA U interface.
  • Voltage: 220-240V.


  • Hisense 50 Inch Smart TV
  • TV Remote
  • Battery for remote
  • User manual
  • Warranty card