Hisense 341L Double Door Refrigerator

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Hisense 341L Double Door Fridge With Mount Freezer & Water Dispenser

This bottom-freezer refrigerator from Hisense 341L Double Door Refrigerator combines style and value features fingerprint-resistant stainless steel for easier cleaning, 

Hisense 341L Double Door Refrigerator, the two-door design is both familiar and convenient for any household. The larger bottom compartment is where fresh produce, milk, eggs, and cheese are stored. An upper compartment then holds your frozen items and ice trays. For anyone who doesn't load their grocery cart to the brim, it's a valuable option, and typically provides an abundance of space.

Product Description

  • 341 Liters
  • double door
  • with water dispenser
  • 3-year warranty

Hisense 341L Double Door Refrigerator