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Guitar Capo

What exactly is a guitar capo, and why do you need it? Guitar capos clamp down around the fingerboard at a certain fret, in order to shorten the length of the vibration of the strings. Basically, your guitar capo acts like a movable and adjustable nut - you can move it anywhere up the guitar neck and impact your guitar's tuning. These Guitar Capos will bind all (or some) strings simultaneously and effectively create a brand new nut. With this guitar capo, all open strings will play in higher tones than they do when the capo's not on the fingerboard. That's why it's so important to mount the capo immediately behind the desired fret, to ensure that the strings are correctly pressed.

Their Quick-Change is designed to clip on easily and firmly, providing excellent contact with your fretboard for creating the kind of unique voicings you want up and down the neck. Beginners and seasoned players alike can easily unclip and reposition with one hand, making performances at home or in a live environment as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


  • The spring-loaded design allows for quick and easy repositioning
  • Padded arms prevent damage to your fingerboard
  • Establishes outstanding contact with your fretboard for creating unique voicings up and down the neck
  • Color: Red