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Golf ULTRA EDGE 6 Power Bank

Your Smartphone is your salvation in a critical or crucial time. If power goes out, a charged phone will keep you entertained and connected to your important people at the same time but maybe not long enough till when the power is back on.  So how can you keep your gadgets running even when you’re in a spot with no power or fewer free outlets? Here is how:

Golf introduces The Golf ULTRA EDGE 6 Power Bank which is authentic, durable and affordable with a high battery capacity to charge your phone over 3 times. The Golf ULTRA EDGE 6 Power Bank is definitely something you should own.


  • Super large capacity
  • LED indicator lights show you the power status
  • Fashionable appearance outlook design, ultra slim body
  • Built-in multiple protections.
  • Input: DC5V/2.1A
  • Output : DC5V/1A (Max)
  • Output  : DC5V/2.1A (Max)


  • Power Bank



Using the built-in AC plug, plug the built-in AC plug of the power bank into the AC outlet. The LED lights will illuminate and indicate battery level in the power bank. When all LED lights are on and solid with none are flashing, the power bank is fully charged.

To charge your phone or electronic device, connect the USB port to your phone or electronic device with charging USB cable, the power bank will automatically start charging, if not, please press the power button to turn on the power bank; This is also done to check on the power bank’s level of charge indicated by the number of solid LED lights.