Globe Drink Dispenser

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Ush 165,000

Globe dispenser for drinks

Surprise everyone at your next party with the original Globe drink dispenser! Perfect as a beer dispenser or for any other drink: juices, fizzy drinks, etc.
we put juice in the Arctic and flow out in the is made of plastic and metal. The capacity is 2.0 Liter.

Adopts the combination of a globe and a water dispenser, the utility model is beautiful, generous and practical, and has certain artistic effects at the same time.

The utility model can be used for educating protecting the environment and protecting the earth.


  • High Quality: Made of food-grade material, the globe dispenser is very durable, environmentally friendly, and healthy.
  • Easy to Add Drinks: The globe dispenser is easy to add drinks and with a transparent design, you can see the drink inside.
  • Globe Shape: The dispenser has a globe shape and can hold beer, drinks, juices, etc. It has wide application and suitable occasions.
  • Easy to Use: The dispenser is easy to pour wine with an innovative faucet design, you can just twist it gently. Very easy to use
  • Round Base: The round base is sturdy and durable and can be placed on various occasions. It is very practical for you.

Globe Drink Dispenser