Brown Generic Men's Sandal/Scolar

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Brown Generic Men's Sandal/Scholar 

This classic leather sandal continues to be a favorite for men. Equipped with a quality footbed, these shoes will keep feet secure and comfortable. The Brown Generic Men's Sandal/Scholar is a classic option for those looking for comfort and durability.

Want an outdoor sandal that comes with a bunch of comforts? Consider Brown Generic Men's Sandal/Scolar. The Brown Generic Men's Sandal/Scholar is considered one of the best sandals for men. The lightweight outdoor sandal was designed with performance in mind, leaving you one less thing to worry about when venturing outside.

They’re the comfiest sandals around. Designs range from the subtle to the, well, not so subtle and as far as styling goes, just throw on a T-shirt and shorts.

Available in size 40 to 45

Brown Generic Men's Sandal/Scolar