Brown Generic Lace-up Men's Shoe

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Brown Generic Closed Lace Men's Shoe

A great pair of dress shoes isn't just a worthy investment, it's a necessity.

Sure, sneakers have their place, but there are times when even the best of them just won't do.

Whether it's a wedding or a funeral, a job interview or a meeting with the head manager, some occasions demand footwear that's as refined as it is timeless. The time has come to bust out the sweetest pair of dress shoes in your armory again, and we are here for you at that moment.

Luckily, this Brown Generic Lace-up Men's Shoe is an option for every cloth style out there. And when it comes to price, don't be afraid of laying down a few extra money if you're able. That doesn't mean you have to spend outside your budget, but paying more for quality means you'll have a pair of shoes you can wear for years down the line, not months.

Available in size 38 to size 46

Brown Generic Lace-up Men's Shoe