Digitech GNX4 Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal - Used

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DigiTech GNX4 Multi-Effects Workstation Guitar Pedal

The Digitech GNX4 is the only guitar multi-effect processor with GNX technology that allows you to genetically create new guitar tones by spicing the mathematical "DNA" of amplifiers. Blend your favorite amps to produce your signature tone. 


The GNX4 is not only a guitar multi-effects processor it has a built-in 8-track recorder with an extraordinary MIDI drum machine. Compose and arrange music with your signature tones and style.

Your music can be saved onto the Compact Flash memory card to transfer to your computer or record live via USB. To finish your songs, use the included Pro Tracks Plus™ recording software for your PC or Bias ® Deck™ 3.5 for your Mac. Lexicon® Pantheon reverb plug-ins are also included. The GNX4 also features a phantom-powered microphone input that allows you to lay vocal tracks down as well.


The GNX4 is not only a formidable recording device, the footswitches and signal chain make the GNX4 a top-notch live performance processor. Take your personal tones on the road.

Key Features:

  1. Footswitches 1-5
    Depending on the selected mode, these 5 footswitches select presets, change amp channels, turn individual effects on and off, control drum machine operations, control playback of MP3 files, and give you hands-free operation of the GNX4’s onboard recorder. 
  2. Recorder Control and USB/Signal Routing Panel
    This control panel operates the GNX4’s onboard digital recorder, USB audio routing, and mass storage functions. (See page 68 for more details regarding the Recorder Control and USB/Signal Routing Panel.)
  3. Record/Play Level Meters
    These 4 Segment LED Meters to allow you to monitor the Record/Play signal levels during use.
  4. Effect Select Buttons
    The Effect Select buttons are used together with the Matrix LEDs to choose the effects you want to edit.
  5. Amp Control Buttons
    The Amp Control buttons are used to select one of the amp/cabinet model edit rows including:
    CHAN ONE EQ (Green), GENETX (Yellow), CHAN TWO EQ (Red), and TONE (Silver)
  6. Status Button
    The Status button is used to select amp channels for editing purposes and to turn each respective amp channel’s EQ on and off. With the CHAN ONE EQ (Green) amp/cabinet model edit row selected, the Status button turns Channel One’s EQ on and off. With the GENETX (Yellow) amp/cabinet model edit row selected, the Status button selects between Channel One, Channel Two, 
  7. Knobs
    Depending on which amp control row or effect row is selected using the Amp Control or Effect Select buttons, these 5 knobs adjust the parameters listed in the column directly above or below each knob.
  8. Matrix
    a. GeNetXAmp Controls Matrix
    The GeNetX Amp Controls Matrix displays the GNX4’s Channel One and Channel Two amp types, cabinet types, EQ/tone controls, and cabinet tuning parameters available for editing in each preset.
    b. Effects Matrix The Effects Matrix displays the effects parameters available for editing in each preset.
  9. Displays
    The Displays give feedback on the various functions that are being used in the GNX4, including preset name, editing functions, tuner, utility menus, drum machine, and recorder settings.
  10. Preset Bank LEDs
    The Preset Bank LEDs indicate whether the selected preset is an internal Factory or User preset, or if the preset is a user preset saved externally on the optional Compact Flash memory card.
  11. Data Wheel
    The Data Wheel is a multi-function control used for selecting presets, editing preset parameters, or for adjusting the settings of the Recorder, Drum Machine, Utility, and Output Setup menus.
  12. Status Indicator LEDs (+48V, V-Switch, and USB Active)
    The Status Indicator LEDs illuminate when the Microphone Input has +48V Phantom Power active, the Expression Pedal’s V-Switch is engaged, or the USB connection is active.
  13. Control Panel Buttons
    The Control Panel Buttons are used to select the GNX4’s Footswitch Modes, Output Setups, Utility functions, and to store Amp/Cabinet Model edits and Preset changes. They also access the GNX4’sonboard General MIDI Drum Machine and MP3 Player.

What's in the Box?

1. Digitech GNX4 Multi-effects processor

2. Power Adaptor

3. Bag


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Digitech GNX4 Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal - Used