CK one Gold Calvin Klein Perfume (Unisex) 100ml

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Calvin Klein One Gold Perfume for Men and Women - 100ml

CK one Gold Calvin Klein Perfume (Unisex) 100ml is a bold and unapologetic fragrance made to stand out. Unconstrained by traditional gender norms, it fuses the energy of all sexes into a fragrance that is singularly captivating. Demanding attention and bursting with confidence - liquid gold for everyone.

Embodying the allure of radiant youth. An energetic freshness of fig is followed by a bright heart of neroli and layered with vibrant, sensual vetiver.

A daring, confident fragrance that transcends time, place, and gender.

A bold and unapologetic fragrance that radiates warmth and commands attention. The fragrance carries notes of fig, layered with bright neroli and vibrant, sensual vetiver.

The scent is a juicy, fresh, woody smell that captures the golden allure of radiant youth. The juicy top note of fig creates an instant fascination with its energetic freshness. The bright heart of neroli is the sparkling crown that shines like the last rays of the setting sun on the city. The sun-drenched base of the vetiver gives depth, leaving a vibrant, sensual warmth on the skin.

CK one Gold Calvin Klein Perfume (Unisex) 100ml