Red Amaranth Bugga (Bundle)

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Red Amaranth Bugga (Bundle)

Amaranth greens may be eaten raw or cooked. The younger leaves are mild and tender while the more mature plants are slightly fibrous and develop a bitter flavor.

Select Amaranth leaves that have small thin stems and lack any flower buds. Although edible, the blossoms usually indicate that the leaves are past their prime for eating.

Add the greens to salads and soups or briefly sauté with oil similarly to spinach. Complimentary flavors include bacon, ham, poultry, anchovies, garlic, onion, sesame seeds, soy sauce, lemon, mushrooms, oregano, dill, cumin, goat cheese, parmesan, ricotta, mustard, walnuts, and curries.

Red Amaranth Bugga (Bundle)