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Blueflame cooker S6022ER 2 gas burners + 2 electric plates Inox

Cooking is one of the most inevitable things we do every day. How much time you spend preparing the meal depends on your choice of cooker. Make your meals even faster and better with the best Blueflame cooker S6022ER 2 gas burners + 2 electric plates. Cooking with Blueflame cooker S6022ER 2 gas burners + 2 electric plates allows you to make up to 4 different meals all at once without having to bother about time and stress.

The heater has an up part and down part; you can only use one side heater at one time, which means don’t try to use an up and down heater simultaneously. Please be careful when you use the oven, operate with gloves and protection all the time.

Ovens are used as kitchen appliances for roasting and heating. Foods normally cooked in this manner include meat, casseroles, and baked goods such as bread, cake, and other desserts. The oven is used to cook and heat food in many households across the globe. Modern ovens are typically fueled by either natural gas or electricity, with bottle gas models. When an oven is contained in a complete stove, the fuel used for the oven may be the same as or different from the fuel used for the burners on top of the stove. Ovens usually can use a variety of methods to cook. The most common may be to heat the oven from below. This is commonly used for baking and roasting. The oven may also be able to heat from the top to provide grilling.


  • 60*60cm
  • 2 gas burners
  • 2 electric hot plates
  • electric oven with the light
  • Temperature regulator
  • rotisserie
  • inox – stainless steel
  • glass top lid
  • 2 years guaranty and 3 years warranty