Beta Three 2 Way Full Range Speaker

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Beta Three 2 Way Full Range Speaker with Built-In Passive 2 Way Crossover

This subwoofer is a fully-loaded 2 way subwoofer system with built-in passive crossover. It features a 2-Watt RMS for the woofer section and active crossover with both high-pass and low-pass outputs, which intelligently adjusts the output of the sub to handle the low frequencies of your music. With its adjustable bass trim settings, it can provide you with the ideal listening experience for your personal taste. It also comes with a freestanding back projection speaker to act as the front center channel speaker, making it an all-in-one solution for your entertainment center.

Two way speakers are ideal for any audio system that requires a flexible setup. These speakers can be used as a two-way speaker to provide clear sound from a single box unit, or one can be used as a stand-alone speaker. In comparison to a full range speaker, the 2-way speakers reduce the bass frequencies normally found in a full-range speaker, to increase the treble frequencies. The passive crossover allows for two seperate audio signals to be inputted into the woofer and tweeter of this speaker, to produce a fuller sound. The built-in passive crossover reduces the amount of crossovers required in the signal path, but does not effect the quality of any audio signals. This makes it suitable for most applications.

Whats in the box:

A black beta three 2 way full range speaker 

Key Features:

Design: 2 Way.
Product Type: Full Range Speaker.
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz.
Noise Level: < 95dB.
Power Handling: < 150 watts per channel at 4Ohms, < 100 watts per channel at 2Ohms.
Dimensions:  Height:  28.2". Width:  17". Depth:  5.23".  Weight:  6.8 lbs.
Mounting: Wall-Mounted or Table-Mounted.
Amplifier: N/A.
Speaker System Type: 2 way full range speaker system..
Power Handling Capacity (Watts): N/A.
Crossover Frequency (Hz): N/A.
Max Power / Music Power Output (Watts):

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Beta Three 2 Way Full Range Speaker