Alpine Sandal/Scolar for men

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Alpine Sandal/Scholar for men

For lounging about or strolling through the city, these Brown Alpine Men's sandals will go a long way. They feature soft, elegant upper that will age with a distinctive patina over time, while their serrated rubber soles give the right amount of friction to keep you from slipping.

Tese saBrown Alpine Men's Sandal/Scholar will have you looking as smooth as they feel, what with their brown leather and rubber soles. The shoes are simple yet sophisticated, meant to be slid into with ease. Plus, if you’re heading to the beach anytime soon, this is the pair that will spare you the nightmare of sand getting stuck in your shoes.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather and Rubber sole
  • Available in Size 39-44

Available in Size 39-44

Alpine Sandal/Scolar for men