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Acoustic Guitar Strings

With an illustrious history, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock 'n' roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues, and many others. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world's most acclaimed artists and performers has used Fender instruments, amps, and strings in the process, making the company not only a revered music industry name but also a cultural icon.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Strings have an organic, focused, and vibrant tone, which makes them great for bringing out the warmth and brightness of dark-sounding guitars.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Strings don't just sound great their micro-thin coating keeps them sounding great for a lot longer than average strings. If you want to keep your guitar tone consistently great day in and day out, put on a set of Fender Acoustic Guitar Strings. Their coating actually cuts down on unnecessary finger friction. You'll be amazed at how long they last! Less string changes mean having to buy strings less often.


Fender Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Features:

  • Ball ends
  • Guitar Type: Acoustic Guitar
  • Gauges: .010, .014, .022, .030, .040, .048
  • Core Material: Steel
  • Winding Material: Phosphor Bronze
  • Winding Type: Round Wound

Fender Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - Quality strings from a name you trust!


Acoustic Guitar Strings - Fender