Alcohol Seller Restrictions

Apple iPhone 12 Specifications

Categories Example Products Conditions allowed Charges
Televisions Digital, or Smart Tvs New 5%
Audio & Video Soundbars,Bluetooth Speakers, Home theaters New 10%
Cameras Cameras, camcorders, telescopes New 13%
Blu Ray & DVD Players New 10%
Musical Instruments Guitars, orchestra, recording equipment, keyboards, Drums New 13%
Home & Office Supplies, furniture, printers, calculators New 10%
Kitchen & Dining Digital, or Smart Tvs New 10%
Appliances Fridges, Electric Kettles, Sandwich makers New 15%
Baby, Kids & Toys Action figures, dolls, board games, arts, crafts, furniture, learning toy New 10%
Sports, Health & Fitness Exercise & fitness, hunting accessories, team sports, athletic apparel, boating & fishing, and game room New 10%
Video Games & Video Game Consoles Game consoles, accessories New 15%
Home & Garden Kitchen, dining, pet supplies, furniture, décor, bedding, bath, craft, hobby, home appliances, storage, lawn, garden, pool supplies, landscaping, generators New 15%
Wedding Shop New 15%
Food & Groceries Fruits, Vegetables, Home essentials New 10%
Beverages Fruit Juice, Water New 10%
Books & Stationery Books, calendars, card decks, sheet music, magazines, journals, other publications New 10%
Automobile Car covers, Rims, Tyres and accessories New 10%
Wines, Spirits & Cigars New 10%
Decoders & Satellite Dishes Decoder, Satellite dishes New 10%
Studio Equipment Mixers, Dj Controllers, Loud Speaker, etc
New 15%
Scanners & Photocopiers All types New 10%
Outdoors Outdoor gear, outdoor sports apparel, cycling, and action sports New 15%
Baby Products food, feeding products, diapers, strollers, carriers, toys New 10%
Industrial & Scientific Lab equipment & supplies New 15%

sanitation & janitorial

New 10%

power transmission & electronic components,

New 10%
Men's Fashion trousers, shirts, jeans, suits, sweaters, gloves, jackets, shoes,caps New 14%