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Frequently Asked Questions about Smart TVs:

Qn 1: What is a Smart TV?

Ans: A Smart TV is a modern television device equipped with internet connectivity, smart home functions, apps for streaming videos and much more. With a Smart TV one is able to stream videos from Netflix, check social media, play games, control gadgets in an entire house and much more.

Qn 2: Do Smart TVs have inbuilt WIFI? 

Ans: Most newer Smart Tvs have WIFI built into them. With just a few taps, one is able to connect their Smart TV to the router in their home. 

Qn 3: Will a Smart TV work without internet connection?

Ans: A Smart TV will still function as a normal TV without internet connection. However, you would need an internet connection in order to access the various features like video streaming among others. 

Qn 4: Are Smart TVs made by a specific company or brand?

Ans: No. Most Major TV Manufacturers have moved towards making Smart TVs. For example; you will able to acquire a Smart TV from your favorite brands like; Hisense, Changhong, LG, Samsung among others. 

Qn 5: What is the difference between Android TV and Smart TV?

Ans: Smart TVs work more or less the same as Android TVs. The difference lies in the fact that Android TVs have access to Google Play Store where one is able to access a variety of Apps.

Qn 6: How do Smart TVs connect to the internet?

Ans: A Smart TV can be connected to the internet using your home network. This can be through a wired Ethernet connection or using inbuilt Wi-Fi and majority of the current TVs support 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. Note that your mobile through mobile hotspot can also be used to connect your Smart TV to the internet.

Qn 7: What services will be able to access through my Smart TV? 

Ans: Using your Smart TV you will be able to access a variety of streaming services as listed and much more:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Hulu
  • Music Streaming
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Spotify and much more.

Qn 8: What other benefits does a Smart TV offer besides Apps?

Ans: A Smart TV has other prospective benefits like; voice assistant which is added to newer sets, voice search which lets find content from live TV and as well as streaming services. Using your Smart TV you can order for Uber, Pizza and much more all in the comfort of your couch. 

Qn 9: Can you browse the web on a Smart TV?

Ans: Majority of the Smart TVs include a browser which enables you to surf the internet. The browser may not be like the desktop browsers you are used to, but yes, they will enable you to surf the internet on your smart TV.

Qn 10: Can I access Local Channels on a Smart TV?

Ans: Yes you will be able to access your local channels on a smart TV. Just that with a Smart TV you would have wide arena of options when it comes to your entertainment needs.