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Buying or building a garage may be impossible, but getting a carport is not! A carport is a free-standing, roofed structure that can offer much-needed protection for vehicles from extreme weather conditions.

Carports are used to provide protection for one or more vehicles against the elements, though they can also double as gazebos for unique events. This extra-thick carport will be able to withstand the elements like sunlight or rain with great ease. It will definitely not degrade over time.

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The carports are portable, easy to install, and can be deployed anywhere you want to. In addition, it can easily be carried on the spot for installation.

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  • A versatile design that can be used on any occasion
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Why Should You Buy a Carport or Shed?

Protect Your Vehicles from Dangerous Elements

The main reason homeowners purchase a carport is to protect vehicles from the elements, including the sun, rain, ice, hail, and snow. In addition to cars, a carport can be used to protect SUVs, trucks, and even tractors. When a vehicle is parked under a carport, Sun hit will normally not penetrate its windshield. That’s because the carport roof acts as a barrier to prevent direct heat. Instead, it is absorbed by the carport


While its primary function is to protect vehicles, carports are not a one trick pony. A carport is a very versatile structure and can serve a variety of functions. A carport is a shade solution for home, business, and municipal use. We will go into more detail about the versatility of carports below. Also, enclosure kits are available for certain carport models. These kits allow you to quickly turn your carport into a fully-enclosed structure.


When you’re parking your car under a tree or just plain out in the open, rain, snow, ice, and the normal heat and light of the sun can cause extensive damage to your car over time. The best thing to do is to park it under a carport or garage. This will largely reduce the amount of weather your car experiences, at least while it’s parked at home.

Personal Safety

If you’re parking your car late at night, we’ve all felt the fear of the dark in those brief moments stepping out of your car. With a carport, especially if you close the sides and ends, you’ve got some added protection you will greatly appreciate.

Criminal Activity

Believe it or not, the exposed nature of carports can be more of a deterrent than an enclosed garage. The garage needs to be infiltrated, so with extensive security it can be secure. With a carport, if you keep the area lit it is a deterrent to criminal activity against your car because of the visibility.