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Birthday Cakes in Kampala - Nofeka Uganda

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Frequently Asked Questions About Birthday Cakes:

Qn 1: How much is the cheapest birthday cake you have in your store?

Ans: Currently the cheapest birthday cake goes for 78,000 Ugx

Qn 2: Are you birthday cakes delivered only within Kampala or even outside Kampala?

Ans: No. Currently our cakes are only delivered within Kampala. 

Qn 3: Do you also sell wedding and anniversary cakes besides birthday cakes? 

Ans: Yes we also sell wedding cakes and anniversary cakes

Qn 4: Which types of birthday cakes do you sell?

Ans: We have a variety of cake flavors and types like; Red Velvet birthday Cakes, Black forest cake, Chocolate cakes and much more.

Qn 5: Can I order for a birthday cake and get it the same day? 

Ans: You are required to order for your birthday cake two days in advance. 

Qn 6. Do you customize the cakes to my preference?

Ans: Yes. All you need is to provide us with what you want written on the cake and we shall customize it to your preferences.

Qn 7. Are your birthday cakes fresh?

Ans: Yes all our cakes are delivered when they are fresh.

Qn 8: Are knives and candles included with your cake delivery? 

Ans: No. They are not included but with instructions they can be acquired for you at an extra cost.

Qn 9: What do I need to do to order for a birthday cake? 

Ans: To order for a birthday cake you need to visit our cakes collections, click on the cake of your choice, click on Buy Now and proceed to checkout. One of our sales representative will call you to confirm your order.